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Custom Aerial Videography Services

Aerial videography is a specialty art form. You must have the right equipment and the right personnel to accomplish your goals. Whether it is to film a city skyline, car commercial or landscape beauty shot, it is easy to spend a lot of money and still not get what you hoped to have. is associated with the finest aerial videographers around the world and we can help you develop the perfect collaboration of equipment and aerial video specialists.
Aerial videography is best performed with a helicopter and a helicopter pilot familiar with aerial videography. For some advanced equipment, an aerial videography technician will be needed in addition to the aerial videographer.
Custom Aerial Videography is always available through's consortium of professional aerial videographers. You can be sure that the world's best videographers can be part of your production team with a call to
Many of our videographers are available for extreme location shooting assignments taking care of all aspects including cameras, mounts, helicopters and pilots. Up to date city skylines, landmarks and landscapes shot to your specifications become an easy location shoot for the local aerial videographers.
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Platforms: There are several different kinds of aerial video platforms that can utilized for your shoot. Whichever is selected, it must be stabilized. It is NEVER good enough to use simply a “hand-held” camera system. Using the best means you are never sorry about your aerial footage.