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A Little About Our Agency

ProAerialVideo is the world's largest resource dedicated exclusively to collecting, cataloguing, displaying and selling stock aerial footage. Through an international consortium of aerial videographers, this growing library specializes in aerial footage of city skylines, recognizable landmarks and diverse landscapes from around the world.

A visit to is like having a window on the world where you can view the power of Niagara Falls, fly down the Las Vegas Strip, swoop past the south tower of the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge or soar past Hawaii's Diamond Head at sunset. Our webste is the ideal source for anyone looking for location specific stock aerial footage.

Aerial video is the eye candy and the staple of today's modern film producers. Attention grabbing visuals, some less than 10 seconds long, of a moving bird's eye view, city skyline or landscape can be just what a film needs to set the dramatic scene. Aerial video, however, has always been an expensive proposition. Between helicopter flight time, waiting for weather and paying for what can be a team of experts carrying a load of specialized rental equipment makes aerial video out of the financial reach of all but the filmmakers with the deepest of pockets. Julie and Pat Belanger invite you to see why this is the perfect solution for your Stock Aerial Footage needs.

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Peruse our large collection of Stock Footage Categories and Locations to help narrow down the specific area you are looking for footage in. We have also geo-referenced all of our footage, so if your interested in specifics, give us a ring and we can see how we can help you out!

Search our entire collection of footage. We offer a few different ways of getting to the footage you want.

First, You can simply click on the search field at the top of the website, enter a keyword and get some results. Secondly, You can search for all with a Category selected within the Advanced Search drop-down list, and you will be able to view all the videos we have within that category. Lastly, If you are returning to the website and know the video number (ex: 111-1001), then you can actually search for that specific video by selecting the option By Video Number, and turning it on (yes).

If you have any questions about finding the footage you need, just give us a call at 408-683-9111